Benefits of Deeside Mineral Water…

We all know water is good for us, but not all waters are created equally. Deeside Mineral Water is fundamentally different to most others because of specific characteristics in its natural chemistry, which can be measured in a laboratory.

Water refreshes and hydrates our bodies, but also acts at cell level to perform many functions all the time. Research suggests that the body works most efficiently when the fluids inside it have particular properties at certain levels. Compared to most waters, Deeside has a very low mineral content, a low pH value and a low redox potential, which are all common measurements of water.

The combination found in Deeside is unique and seems to encourage well-being and efficient operation in the body. In addition to this, Deeside Water molecules join together in smaller clusters meaning they are more quickly absorbed by cells to help keep hydration levels up. Over millions of cells, this increased hydration helps maintain healthy skin and vitality.


In addition, you could say Deeside Mineral Water acts like an anti-oxidant to help protect living cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress to keep them healthier and perform better. This positive reaction builds up over millions of cells to become significant in the body, particularly over time, assisting detoxification and helping restore balance to bodily fluids.

We have undertaken a number of clinical research studies at hospitals, universities and a skin clinic. We are not permitted to highlight the results of this research, but it can be found in other publications by searching on the internet. Deeside is one of the most thoroughly tested waters in the world and is used as an ingredient in cosmetics and complementary health products.



Pannanich Wells was known as a curative spring historically. Nowadays pollution has upset the balance in many water supplies, but we are fortunate that this source remains unspoilt and still has the same qualities as it did centuries ago.

We have far more detailed information about Deeside Water and its properties, so please let us know if you are interested to learn more by emailing us on info@deesidewater.co.uk.

“I’ve been drinking Deeside Mineral Water for 4 months now and my skin is so much smoother than before”
Ann Jefferyes