Deeside Water as an ingredient

Deeside Mineral Water is used as an active ingredient in cosmetics, soft drinks, spirits and food products.  Its low mineral content, small molecular cluster size and unique properties enhance performance and taste with benefits not found in other waters.


Deeside Mineral Water is used in cosmetic and skin care products to enhance their performance.  It has been clinically tested and shown to:

  • Promote cell health and skin condition
  • Increase cell hydration and skin hydration
  • Offer antioxidant effects
  • Mix quickly with other ingredients


Spirits, Soft Drinks & Food

Water is the base for soft drinks, spirits and many food products, but water quality varies significantly and influences taste and texture.  Deeside Water has many benefits:

  • Very low mineral content, making it unusually pure so it will not distort the taste of the ingredients
  • Small molecular cluster size meaning :
    • more mobile H2O molecules fit into smaller spaces, leading to efficient, uniform dilution
    • soft, smooth texture & consistent taste profile
    • a larger surface area, making the flavours more available to human taste buds

Horse Health

Water is the most important nutrient in the diet of horses, but quality is often overlooked.  It refreshes and hydrates, but also acts at a cell level to perform many functions.

Research suggests cells work best when internal fluids have properties at certain levels, found in Deeside Water.

Leading stables, trainers and individual owners use the water for their horses for these benefits :

  • Antioxidant effects
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improved hydration
  • Helps vitality, appearance, performance & temperament
  • Pure water very palatable for horses