Deeside Mineral Water flows naturally from the ancient springs on Pannanich Hill near Ballater in the unspoilt Scottish mountains and has done for thousands of years. Earliest records were made around 1245 by the Knights Templar who reportedly sampled the waters on their journeys through the Deeside Valley.

It wasn’t discovered for its purity and healing attributes until about 1760. It was around this time that stories emerged of a local woman who was cured of a fatal disease when she bathed and drank the water from Pannanich Wells. Thereafter people flocked to the source and an Inn and bath houses were built for visitors to enjoy the benefits of one of the purest waters in the world.

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“The whole area is sacred and you feel connected to nature just by being there. It is so beautiful”
Lynne Digby





Ballater grew up as a spa town to accommodate the large number of health seekers who came to drink the “miracle waters” and for over a century it flourished as visitors shared their experiences of improved well-being and vitality, after drinking from the springs.

Since then it has had many visits from historical figures including Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott and even Queen Victoria, who first visited the springs around 1856. She even wrote about her visit to Pannanich Wells in her Highland Journals and took noble guests who were staying with her at nearby Balmoral Castle to sample the waters.

Today the Inn and granite monuments at the Springs still stand and the water has never stopped flowing.