Sponsorship & Associations…

We are delighted to team up with Scottish golfer and Open Champion, Paul Lawrie. He helped to launch our new look bottles to the press where we got some great coverage. This year, we are also supporting The Paul Lawrie Foundation which teaches the students about health and nutrition in sport to maximise their capabilities. Paul said; “Deeside Mineral Water’s emphasis on quality and health is something we wish to instil in all our young athletes. I am delighted to launch their new branded look. It’s the perfect partnership.”

Open Champion Paul Lawrie


Deeside Mineral Water is used in a number of cosmetic products to help enhance their performance. The water has unique natural properties, which are beneficial for living cells and this has been shown in different research studies. Its natural anti-oxidant and hydrating qualities mean it is used in a number of anti-ageing and health enhancing products.

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Cosmetics are mainly made of water, with active ingredients added. The water used is often filtered tap water, which has no active benefit. Deeside Water can be used as an active ingredient, due to its positive qualities, which may enhance the performance of the cosmetics. User feedback seems to confirm this, with excellent results being observed.

Scottish Fashion Awards

We are delighted to be the water sponsor for the prestigious Scottish Fashion Awards again this year, Now celebrating their 10th anniversary the ‘Highland Gathering’ event will be held on 3rd September at the Corinthia Hotel in London and is attended by supermodels, fashion editors including Vogue, Glamour and Grazia, celebrities and sponsors and will be hosted by TV personality Laura Whitmore. It’s an amazing showcase of Scottish fashion talent and we’re in esteemed company with an amazing sponsorship line-up. Our brand message – take care of your body and skin from the inside – fits perfectly with the fashion and beauty industry.



We have teamed up with Tehillah McGuinness, a
professional world surfer and model to promote
Deeside Water. It seemed apt that whilst
Tehillah spends most of her day in the water,
that she should promote Deeside Mineral
Water when she is not surfing the waves!

For more details where Tehillah surfs, her
teaching schools and blogs, log onto her
website www.tehillahsurf.com.

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“I drink Deeside Mineral Water as part of my
daily routine and call it my magic water.  As I
spend most of my time in the sea surfing and
training it is important that my energy levels and
well-being be at their peak. Deeside Mineral
Water makes my skin feel great and helps
hydrate my body allowing me to perform to the
best of my ability.”

Tehillah McGuinness


We are the water sponsor for this year’s Baker Hughes GE 10k Running Festival on Sunday 20th May. It’s a fun day for all the family and we’d like to wish all participants the best of luck.